• Review and analysis of existing boiler plant including mechanical, electrical and control components.  
  • Energy saving analysis, budget costing, payback and life-cycle costing.
  • Sizing and selection of new boilers.
  • Heating piping redesign to reduce standby loses.
  • Sizing and selection of new pumps, introduction of VFD driven pumps - focus on operational cost savings.
  • Sizing of new venting – focus on increased efficiency, life expectancy and reduction of stack losses.
  • Design of new boiler plant control system - focus on zoning, flexibility and energy savings.
  • Integration with building automation system (BAS) for remote monitoring and control.
  • Commissioning of new boiler plant.
  • Development of boiler plant maintenance program.



  • Chiller pre-purchase operational budgeting and payback analysis.
  • Chilled water load analysis.
  • Sizing and selection of chiller plant equipment including chiller, cooling tower and pumps.
  • System Design Optimization – focus on operational simplicity and energy efficiency.
  • Control system design – focus on operational flexibility, energy savings, remote monitoring and control.
  • Commissioning of new chiller plant.
  • Development of chiller plant maintenance program.



  • Existing fan coil unit condition assessment.
  • Air quality testing through certified third party.
  • Professional recommendations and replacement cost estimation.
  • Design of new fan coil system focused on increasing operational efficiency and minimizing system maintenance.
  • Project management – coordination and professional review during construction to ensure design compliance and adherence to applicable codes and standards.
  • Development of maintenance program

Domestic Water Piping Retrofit

  •  Kitec piping and riser replacement. · Existing piping system review and analysis. 
  • Replacement options recommendations and budget estimation.
  • Design of new piping system based on current codes and standards. 
  • Project tendering and tender evaluations. 
  • Project management during construction to ensure compliance with design documents and Ontario Building Code requirements.